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A Trip to Bountiful Ballymaloe

Darina Allen is probably the most famous person you’ve never heard of. If you live in the United States, that is. The rest of the world is quite familiar with her. Though she’s sometimes called the Julia Child of Ireland, Allen is, in fact, a true original.

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Reframing the Future

The village of Letterfrack, nestled beside Connemara National Park and Diamond Hill, treats visitors and residents to some of Connemara’s most stunning scenery and a peaceful atmosphere. This quiet yet vibrant community is home to the National Centre for Excellence in Furniture Design and Technology...

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Ireland’s West is a wonder to behold. From the artistry and magic of her centuries-old stone walls that crisscross the rolling green hills to the rocky, untamed shores of the Atlantic, Connemara is a veritable feast for the senses.

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